Honoring Nevada’s Family Owned Businesses

Each spring, Nevada State Bank is proud to support Nevada Business Magazine’s Family Owned Business Awards. I know first-hand the challenges of running a family business, because I grew up in a family business. My parents owned and operated an independent restaurant, and I spent many evenings and summer days running the kitchen. I understand the challenges of managing an operation without the luxury of staff and administrative help: from filing local, state and federal taxes, to ordering inventory, to hiring employees, to processing payroll, and countless other tasks beyond serving customers and generating revenue.


I know that as a family business owner, you get paid last – after your employees, after your vendors. There’s no safety net, and any shortfalls in cash flow directly impact your personal bottom line. But, there are wonderful benefits to a family business as well. Because of our business, my dad and I spent a lot of time together, and he taught me the basics of business in a way I could never learn from a textbook. But even better than that – I got to know my father as the rest of the world saw him, engaged in his business and providing for his family.


Family businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, providing jobs for people in our communities and building legacies for families. Our support of the Family Owned Business Awards is just one way to give these unsung heroes of our economy the recognition they deserve. Please join me in honoring this year’s winners:


  • Whippersnapper, a business less than 10 years old with expectations for future generations to run the company: Ace Studios (North) and Lovelady Brewing Co. (South)
  • Don’t Forget to Share, a business that has made significant contributions to the community: CoAuto (North) and Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers (South)
  • When the Going Gets Tough, a business that has faced adversity and made changes to adapt: Roundabout Catering (North) and Todd’s Unique Dining (South)
  • Shape Up, a business that has made significant efforts to promote healthy lifestyles: Reno Sports & Spine Institute (North) and Nigro Construction, Inc. (South)
  • Swimming Upstream, a business that is minority- or woman-owned: Sugar Love Chocolates (North) and Juan’s Flaming Fajitas and Cantina (South)
  • It’s Good to Be on Top, a business that is at the top of its game: The Liberty Group of Nevada (North) and Promo Direct (South)
  • The More the Merrier, a business that has 50 employees or more: Click Bond (North) and Les Olson Company (South)
  • Outside the Box, a business that offers a product or service unique to Nevada: IQ Technology Solutions (North) and Alternative Management (South)
  • Change is Good, a business intended for a second generation or further: Port of Subs (North) and Roche Constructors (South)
  • Wisdom of Age, a business in operation for over 25 years: The Stone House Café (North) and Picerne Real Estate Group (South)


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Terry A. Shirey

Terry A. Shirey

Terry A. Shirey

President & Chief Executive Officer

Nevada State Bank




January 2019


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