Thanks for 60 Years!

On December 9, 2019, Nevada State Bank celebrated its 60th anniversary. When we opened our doors for business in 1959, Nevada’s population was less than 286,000. There were no personal computers, no internet, no mobile phones, no ATMs. You could buy a new car for $2,200, fill its gas tank for 25 cents a gallon, and drive to the theater to see a movie for only $1.


During the six decades since then, we’ve grown from a single office in downtown Las Vegas to serve clients in 20 communities across the state of Nevada, and I’m proud to say that we’ve played an important part in the growth of the state. We’ve provided financing to help Nevadans buy homes, start businesses, and plan for their futures. We’ve helped our clients through economic ups and downs, with Nevadans as our first priority.


To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we’ll be sharing our history throughout the coming year. We’ve created a landing page at where you can access fun facts about how the bank, the state, and the country have evolved since 1959.


Here’s a brief sampling:

  • Nevada State Bank started as a small state-chartered community bank. Its founders were among the most respected political and business leaders in Las Vegas. They included Charles Horsey Jr., Don Ashworth, Pat Clark Sr. and C.D. Baker.
  • Our original location was on the corner of 4th and Carson Streets in downtown Las Vegas.
  • In 1974 we opened our first branch, on Maryland Parkway near The Boulevard, Nevada’s first enclosed mall. Because this branch was close to The Strip, many performers became loyal customers, including Liberace, who became friends with the manager’s assistant and sent her Christmas cards every year.
  • The West Sahara location, which opened in 1975, gained media attention as the first “all-woman” branch when a female branch manager was appointed.
  • Our 25th year, 1984, was a watershed year in technology. At that time, there were about 1,000 sites on the Internet. The Apple Macintosh was introduced at a price of $2,495, and Motorola introduced a cell phone that weighed almost 2 pounds and cost $3,500.  
  • That same year, we installed our first ATMs. Customers didn’t trust the machines to take care of their money, so bankers had to stand next to each machine, demonstrate how to use it, and reassure nervous customers.


We’ll be featuring many more historical photos, facts and trivia throughout the coming year in our social media accounts. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #nsb60.


We continue to uphold the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders by remaining dedicated to relationship banking. We’re proud to be Nevadans, and grateful to the colleagues and clients who have helped us achieve this milestone. Thanks to you all.


Best regards, 


Terry A. Shirey

Terry A. Shirey

Terry A. Shirey

President & Chief Executive Officer

Nevada State Bank