Lessons Nevada State Bank Learned From the Pandemic

Dallas Haun

As Nevadans gradually return to schools, shops, and offices, it’s tempting to think that we’re “getting back to normal” and that things will soon be the same as they were 15 months ago. However, the pandemic has brought about many changes in the way people conduct business, and Nevada companies (including Nevada State Bank) have learned many lessons to help them operate more efficiently and serve their clients better. Here are just a few:


1. Clients can adapt to technological changes and even come to appreciate them. The technology to bank online, use ATMs for deposits, and even deposit checks by scanning them with a mobile phone has been available for a while, but when in-person banking became more difficult due to COVID-19 restrictions, Nevada State Bank saw a big upswing in the number of clients using these services.


2. We can incorporate these changes to better serve our clients. By taking the best of the “old” ways of doing business face-to-face and adding all the options now available through technology, clients have more choices on how they can interact with us, and we have more choices on how to connect with them.


3. Virtual meetings can be beneficial. As a statewide bank with offices in 20 communities across Nevada, we’ve come to appreciate the convenience and efficiency of virtual meetings, which don’t require air travel, long drives, or hotel stays. Our colleagues who worked remotely during the pandemic adapted more quickly than expected and did their best to maintain connections, although they missed face-to-face interactions with their clients and co-workers.  


4. But…human beings are still social animals. Our colleagues returning to offices are excited to get reacquainted with their co-workers and enjoy the simple pleasures of greeting each other in the hallway or sharing coffee in the breakroom. In our branches, our front-line colleagues are welcoming clients back and looking forward to talking with them in person about matters both large and small. Business relationship managers are renewing connections and planning visits to their clients’ businesses.


At Nevada State Bank, we are committed to using both technology and our frontline colleagues to best serve the needs of our clients through their desired delivery channel. I am excited -- as we all are -- to put this behind us and take these lessons learned forward as our economy rebuilds.



Dallas Haun

Dallas Haun


Nevada State Bank






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