Financial Strength

Nevada State Bank’s financial strength is derived from elements that constitute a powerful force when combined. They are:


As the oldest state-chartered bank in Nevada, we have the history, local standing and the home team advantage, giving us both the capacity and the perfect conditions to provide excellent and suitable banking services to local ventures and the community.

Autonomy to Conduct Business Locally

Since 1985, Nevada State Bank has been a subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation. Zions is dedicated to ensuring our autonomy while we benefit from their financial resources and financial expertise, allowing us to focus on serving our community. Learn More »

Stable Core of Long-Term Employees

Teamwork and positive attitudes are the keys to success in our industry. By treating our employees with respect, we are assured of their commitment and loyalty. This translates into happy shareholders and customers.

A Size and Structure that Allow for Personalization and Flexibility

It is our business to ensure that the needs of both businesses and individuals alike can be met in a friendly and efficient manner. We strive to do more than open accounts; we strive to build real and lasting relationships.

Call us today at 800-727-4743, or contact your local Nevada State Bank branch Relationship Manager to find out how our Banking Services can benefit you.

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