Minimizing risk and exposure is vital for businesses of all sizes. ACH Positive Pay offers features that limit risk and exposure in one easy-to-use package.


Improved Control and Security Tools for Your Account

You have the option to approve payment and to return unauthorized transactions. If you choose to pay a transaction, you can also instruct the bank to create a new filter with the origination information, allowing future transactions from this originator to bypass the filter.


Reduced Costs

Timely return of unauthorized transactions can save you many times the cost of the service in potential losses and legal fees.


ACH Filter Management

Edit or delete existing ACH filters and add new ones. The color-coded status field quickly informs you if an ACH filter is active, pending, or about to expire.


Streamlined User Maintenance

The Administration Module allows you to retain ownership of users and permissions within your company while maintaining the appropriate separation of duties. You do not have to wait for the bank to reset a password, maintain users, or audit activity reports. Instead, you can assign an employee with permissions to perform these tasks.


Email Notification

Sign up for email alerts to be notified when daily exception items are available for review.



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