Reduced Cost

Timely return of forged or altered checks can save you many times the cost of the service in potential losses and legal fees.


Flexible File Import Capabilities

Positive Pay Advantage accepts virtually any file format. The ease of accepting files from third parties and the use of a manual entry screen make it easier for you to transfer data from your accounting systems to the bank.


Streamlined User Maintenance

The Administration Module allows you to retain ownership of users and permissions within your company. You do not have to wait for the bank to reset a password, maintain users, or audit activity reports. Instead, you can assign an employee with permissions to perform these tasks. For optimum security, you can layer user permissions and limit user account access.



The online reports and file export capabilities enable you to reconcile your accounts and easily integrate information into your own accounting systems.


Personalized Notification

Set up personal alerts to be emailed when daily exceptions are available for review, or when a new check issue file has been uploaded.


Payee Match

This optional feature provides an additional level of security within Positive Pay Advantage, allowing us to match the payee’s name as well as the traditional check information (serial number, amount, and issue date).


Teller Interface

The service interfaces directly with our branch teller system, allowing us to access your issued items on file in order to avoid paying fraudulent checks when presented in our branches.



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