Account Analysis

Managed Finances with Account Analysis

Whether your business has one or several deposit accounts, Nevada State Bank's Account Analysis allows for more efficient fund management and eliminates unnecessary service charges. The more banking you do, the more credit you earn against your service charges - just one way we show our appreciation to our most loyal and valued clients.

Service Rendered Cost
Account Maintenance Fees
Monthly Account Maintenance* $ 15.00
Currency & Coin Orders
Coin - Loose (per bag) $ 3.00
Coin - Rolled (per roll)* $ 0.11
Currency (per $100)* $ 0.11
Debit Entries
ACH (Electronic) Debit - Received* $ 0.12
Check Paid / Other Debit $ 0.19
Deposit & Credit Entries
ACH (Electronic) Credit - Received* $ 0.12
Deposit / Other Credit $ 1.00
Deposited Items
Canadian Check $ 0.25
Coin - Loose (per bag) $ 3.00
Coin - Rolled (per bag) $ 6.00
Coin - Rolled (per roll) $ 0.10
Currency (per $100)* $ 0.11
Local Item* $ 0.12
On-Us Item* $ 0.12
Transit Item* $ 0.120
Item Deposited and Returned $ 6.00
Redeposit of Return Item $ 2.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Branch Hold Statement Fee $ 3.00
Collection Item - Domestic $ 15.00
Collection Item - International $ 40.00
FDIC Insurance (per $1,000) ***
Official Bank Check $ 5.00
Research - Copies (per item) $ 2.50
Special Statement Request $ 2.00
Stop Payment $ 30.00
Negative Balance Fees
Daily Use of Uncollected Funds Prime + 3%**
NSF Item (Paid or Returned) $ 30.00
Overdraft Interest 18%
Wire Transfers
Domestic Incoming $ 12.50
Domestic Outgoing $ 25.00
International Incoming (US Funds) $ 12.50
International Outgoing (US Funds) $ 50.00

*Effective April 2011 - Subject to change.
**Information about the Nevada State Bank Prime Rate is available or published from the Head Office of the Bank.
***Please speak with a bank representative for the current rate.

Competitive Earnings Credit Rate

Account Analysis provides your business with a competitive earnings credit rate to offset service charges. The earnings credit rate is calculated on deposited funds on all accounts. This allows efficient use of your collected balances to lower the overall cost of service fees.

Effective Cost Management

Account Analysis shows you immediately if your balances cover the cost of services used by your company. We can provide detailed account statements as well as a consolidated statement of activity on a monthly basis.

Simplified Business Banking

Account Analysis simplifies your business banking by providing one monthly fee total for service charges on all of your business accounts.

Offset Charges On Related Accounts

You can use your excess earnings credit from one account to offset service charges on a related account.

Let us show you how Account Analysis can maximize your earnings and help your business save money. To learn more, contact us or call Customer Service toll-free at 800-693-7695.

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