Coin Stop

Coin Counting Machine

Do you have a huge collection of coins that is just taking up space? Bring it to your nearby Nevada State Bank branch and turn it into cash with a Coin Stop coin-counting machine. Just pour in the coins and let the machine do the work.

Coin Stop will print a voucher that you can redeem for cash or deposit into your account. Each completed transaction will be charged a 9.00% fee on the total value of the transaction.

It's quick, easy and fun. You don't even need to be a Nevada State Bank customer to use this service.

Coin Stop machines are intended for personal and low volume use only. Commercial businesses, please see a branch representative or call (702) 383-0009 (Southern Nevada) or (775) 852-6611 (Northern Nevada) for more information.

To find a machine near you, enter your city or town into the Nevada Branch Locator and check the Coin Stop box.

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