Fee Schedule

Business Fee Schedule

Effective May 22, 2017

For non-analyzed business accounts unless otherwise disclosed in account specific Terms and Conditions

Service Description Fee
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee
(Balance inquiry at a non-Zions Bancorp affiliate ATM.)
ATM Mini Statement Fee
(Short statement available at ATM)
ATM Transaction Fee
Nevada State Bank client
   transaction at a non-Zions Bancorp
   affiliate ATM
Non-client transaction at a Nevada
   State Bank branch or Walgreens
Non-client transaction at a Nevada
   State Bank ATM not located at a
   branch or Walgreens



Business Document Ordering
   Nevada Secretary of State fee
   Nevada State Bank Service fee

$2.00 per page
Canadian Items Fee $2.50 per item
Cash Usage Fee (per statement cycle) Varies based on account (See account specific disclosure for details)
Cashiers Check fee $8.00 each
Check Book Balancing Fee $20 per hour
Check Cashing Fee (Non Clients) $5.00
Check Printing Fee
(Personalized check printing)
Fee depends on style of check ordered
Counter Check Fee $1.00
Deposit Control Agreement Set-up Fee $250.00 if using Nevada State Bank-approved agreement
$500.00 if using Non-Nevada State Bank agreement
$150.00 per hour if the legal review goes beyond 3 hours
Deposit Control Agreement Monthly Maintenance Fee $15.00
Deposited Item Return Fee (per item) $12.00 each (Domestic)
Redeposit of Returned Item $5.00
(Deposited item(s) returned - chargeback.) $25.00 each (Foreign)
Domestic Out Collection Fee
(Items sent for domestic collection)
Dormant Account Fee (Non-Refundable)
(Applies to checking accounts inactive for 14 consecutive months and savings accounts inactive for 24 consecutive months.)
$5.00 per month

Service Description Fee
Early Closure Fee
(Account closed within 90 days of opening.)
Foreign Check Return Fee $25.00
Foreign Draft Fee $25.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 2% of ATM or debit card purchase outside of United States
Imaged Checks Fee (per statement for check images mailed) $3.00
Insufficient Funds Fee
(Fee applies to check, in-person, ATM, or other electronic withdrawals where there are insufficient funds on deposit to cover the item. The fee is assessed the day after the item is posted to the account.)
$35.00 per item, up to ten items per day
Insufficient Funds Fee
Sustained overdraft fee (per day, beginning on day one)
Interim Statement Fee
(Period-to-date statement copy.)
$3.00 per statement
International Out Collect Fee
(International items sent for collection.)
Interest Rate on Overdraft or other account shortages if a different Rate is not specified by applicable credit agreement (Interest begins accruing when overdraft is written-off; interest on other shortages begins accruing immediately.) 18% per annum
Legal Processing Fee
(Legal requests for customer information.)

Loan Sweep Transfer Fee

Medallion Stamp Fee



Service Description Fee
Money Service Business
(MSB) Monthly Maintenance Fee for each FinCen registered account
Night Deposit Bag (Disposable Plastic.) $0.35 each
Night Deposit Key $5.00 each
Notary Service Fee $5.00 per signature for the first signature for each signer, and $2.50 per additional signature for each signer.
Online Banking No charge up to 350 aggregate account transactions per month. Additional transactions are $0.20 each
Online Banking Bill Pay
(per month for up to 20 bill payments)
Additional bill payments are $0.50 each
Expedited Bill Payments
  • Same Day ACH (each payment)
  • Overnight Check

  • Standard (2-3 days)
  • Send Next Day
  • Instant delivery
  • Custom Email Template
  • Request Money Received

Mobile Check Deposit (per deposit) $0.50
Employee Direct Deposit (per month for up to 20 direct deposits) $20.00
Additional direct deposits are $0.20 each
Electronic Tax Payments (each) $2.50
Overdraft Deposit Transfer Fee
(Per automatic transfer from another deposit account to cover an overdraft)
Overdraft Fees see Insufficient Funds fee
Overnight Shipping Fee $25.00
Research Copy Fee $2.50 per copy
Research Fee $20.00 per hour
Restricted/Court Blocked Account set–up fee $100.00
Restricted account monthly maintenance fee $15.00
Safe Deposit Box Rental Fee A variety of boxes are available. Annual rent ranges from $30.00 to $315.00 depending upon the box size.
Safe Deposit Box Forcible Entry Fee $200.00
Safe Deposit Key Deposit $25.00 (Customer)
$100.00 (Non-Customer)

Service Description Fee
Special Handling Return Checks Fee
(Special handling for returned checks.)
$2.00 each item
Statement Hold Fee
(Statement held at branch per customer’s request.)
$3.00 per month
Statement Reprint Fee $5.00 per statement
Stop Payment Fee - Standard
(includes checks, cashier's checks, preauthorized transfers, and recurring debit card payments)
$30.00 (per item)
Stop Payment Fee
Made through Business Online Banking
(checks only)
$25.00 (per item)
Telephone Transfer Fee $0.00
Verification Fee
(includes audit confirmations, reference letters, and verifications and re-verifications of deposit)
Wire Fee (only available to Nevada State Bank clients)
  • Domestic/International Incoming without Notification
  • Domestic/International Incoming with Fax or E-Mail Notification
  • Domestic Outgoing
  • International Outgoing

  • $15.00
  • $20.00

  • $25.00
  • $50.00
Wire Investigation Fee
  • Amendment
  • Recall
  • Tracer
  • Incoming Return
  • Outgoing Return

  • $25.00
  • $25.00
  • $10.00
  • $25.00
  • $25.00
Zipper Bags $5.00

Expedited Delivery Service.............................................................$25.00
Expedited Delivery Service with Same Day Embossing.............$39.00
If you request the bank to provide "expedited delivery" (which requires the services of an outside delivery service provider) or you request to personally obtain an "emergency card" (which requires special card production) at our bankcard center.

Our "Voice Response Unit" is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with your Nevada State Bank account information.

For Customer Service, please call:
(702) 383-0009 (Las Vegas calling area)
(775) 852-6611 (Reno calling area)
(800) 727-4743 (all other areas)
business credit cards
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