Sibling Rivalry or Revelry?

Siblings sometimes fight — whether ages 5 or 50 — and those family battles can seep from the home into the office. Learn key strategies to help turn sibling conflicts into working relationships that can even be fun.

Learn how to build an effective sibling team, ease the tension in sibling relationships, and prevent differences from dividing the family or the business.



Retirement Planning for Business Owners

The word “retirement” can be daunting, and business owners face unique challenges. In this webinar, you will learn tips and tricks to ease the retirement-planning burden. Learn about: retirement-saving vehicles available to business owners, the importance of building a personal balance sheet, and ways a business may help fund the owners’ retirement goals.



Family Business Culture

As family businesses mature, generations often move apart geographically and psychologically. These distances may erode relationships and the cohesiveness of a smooth-running business.


Learn how you can reinforce the connection between family values and business culture, create common ground for discussion, and explain how the business’ strategy is strengthened by the values of the owning family.



You Aren't the Boss of Me - Resolving Sibling Disputes in the Family Business

The transfer of business leadership from founder to children can often be infected with sibling rivalry. The experiences of our childhood can scuttle our working relationships as adults. Learn how to understand the natural and normal tensions between siblings, know what to expect when siblings work in a business together, and discover techniques to help resolve sibling disputes within the family business.



Managing Conflict in Family Business

Did you know that some conflicts can actually be beneficial? Managing conflict is challenging in any business setting-family business or not. The key is knowing how to leverage conflict into an advantage. The dynamics that produce conflict within a family intersect with the challenges of owning and operating a business, potentially complicating both. This webinar will identify family business conflict patterns, roles, and tactics.



Financing Transitions in a Family Business

Don't get tricked into thinking you have limited options. If a family-owned company is to provide opportunities for future generations, it must plan both adequate shareholder liquidity and sufficient business capital. Learn how careful planning and financial techniques can help you retain business control and make wise choices among the many available alternatives.



Family Business - Performance Expectations, Evaluation & Compensation

Without proper care and consideration, the process of agreeing to expectations and evaluating and rewarding performance in a family business may cause damaging disruption.

Learn "best practices" that will help you more clearly define framework for determining an appropriate mix of salary, bonuses, benefits, perks and distributions.



Governance and Decision Making for the Business Owning Family

Learn tried and true “best practices” as well as answers to these and other questions:

  • How do I manage family relationships while protecting the health of our business?
  • What are fair processes for hiring family members, managing conflicts, and passing shares to the next generation?
  • How can we pass on a legacy of guiding principles?



Moral Agreements & Governance in Family Business

This webinar answers questions about how to govern your family business, including:

  • What processes and policies will help us develop alignment between our family members, business owners and management?
  • How can governance measures prevent problems now and keep us out of court later?



The Ten Must-Haves for Excellent Succession Planning

This webcast answers questions to help you prepare for the future of your company, including:

  • How can my succession plan balance the needs of my business with the wants of my family?
  • How do I begin to determine the next leader of my business?
  • How should I plan, manage and communicate my retirement plans to my family, partners and employees?



Making the Family Business Work

Experts cover questions to help you prepare for the future of your company.

  • Provides a basic understanding of key family business concepts
  • Discusses the challenges and complexities of family business
  • Gives you tools and resources for family business discussions
  • Looks at key components of succession planning