Image Lockbox Services

Reduce your collection float, accelerate remittance and simplify accounts receivables processing with Image Lockbox from Nevada State Bank. Image Lockbox is a new enhancement of our Wholesale Lockbox Services. Instead of receiving a package of checks or invoice copies, you receive image files electronically. This convenient service means you can further lower your processing costs by logging into a secured file transfer protocol (FTP) site to view images of checks or invoices on the day of deposit.

Contact Information
Please contact the Nevada State Bank Treasury Management Department by phone at 800-693-7695 or by email at

Benefits and features
  • Daily imaging of all checks, invoices and backup documentation
  • Indexed information for quick, easy sorting and research functionality
  • One year of online image and data retention and up to seven years of archive retention
  • Complete listing and access to all Lockboxes specified by your company administrator
  • Value-added benefit of improved customer service research and response time
  • Web images of checks and invoices, eliminating the need for paper copies of documentation for filing and storage

  • Ability to print, save, and e-mail images of checks as needed
  • Fast, easy point-and-click menu options
  • Accessible online 24 hours a day,seven days a week
  • Data files formatted to meet your system's auto posting requirements

  • Access to the Internet
  • Ability to auto-post payments
  • Ability to receive and view files through a secure FTP file transfer
  • Ability to negotiate secure sockets (SSL) encryption during FTP login process

Questions? Call us today at 800-693-7695, or contact your local Nevada State Bank Relationship Manager to find out more about our Image Lockbox Services.

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