Remote Deposits™¹

At Nevada State Bank, we believe in business solutions that make sense. Remote Deposits, powered by BankServ®, is a revolutionary check clearing business tool that allows you to make check deposits without going to the bank.

Call us today at 800-693-7695 to speak with a treasury management representative, or contact your local Nevada State Bank relationship manager for more information about how Remote Deposits can benefit your business.

We Make It Easier
With Remote Deposits, you’ll enjoy the convenience of making deposits right from your office! You’ll never have to go to the bank to deposit checks again. Everything is done electronically!

Immediate Electronic Deposit
Using the revolutionary image-based technology of Nevada State Bank’s Remote Deposits, you’ll submit checks for deposit using a PC and scanning device located at your own business site. Each check scanned for deposit generates an electronic image that is transmitted directly to a central processing center, making its way into the collection stream faster than a paper check and making funds available sooner.

Extended Deposit Window
Have you ever been too busy to make it to the bank before it closed? With Remote Deposits, you can save administrative time and expense when deposit preparation time and bank runs are eliminated. You also now have the ability to make your deposits – at your convenience- outside traditional banking hours. Deposits can be made from multiple offices, regardless of their locations.

Electronic Check Conversion At Point Of Deposit
Once checks are scanned and tallied, the images and data are transmitted from your PC to a central processing center, where they are electronically sorted and bundled based upon their routing transit information. The electronic bundles are transmitted directly to the paying institution (if image-enabled) or to print facilities strategically located to optimize the clearing process.

Improved Funds Availability
Remote Deposits gets you your money faster. By eliminating the physical transportation of the checks you deposit, clearing is accelerated and deposit float is greatly reduced.

Decreased Fraud Risk
Accelerated check clearing reduces the risk of fraud. It allows returned items to be identified sooner, thus enhancing the collection process.

Enhanced Funds Management
Fewer depository accounts are required in fewer locations when deposits can be consolidated with Remote Deposits. Regional or national deposits can be consolidated into a single account.

Streamlined Operations
Remote Deposits not only provides the conveniences of deposit automation, but also includes check image storage and retrieval, historical deposit activity reporting, and data export to other applications.

Built-In Administrative And Security Features
The administrative security features provided by Remote Deposits allow you to maintain the controls necessary for your daily treasury management operations. You define authorized users, depository account restrictions, and review criteria levels. Deposits transactions are protected through data encryption, and all Remote Deposits activities are logged in an audit file that can be reviewed at any time.

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1. Subject to approval; restrictions apply.

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