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overdraft coverage

Overdraft protection has changed
Federal banking regulations enacted in 2010 changed how you are protected from overdrafts. Unless you ask us to, we no longer cover your ATM or one-time debit transactions in overdraft situations.

Nevada State Bank offers a variety of overdraft options
Choose the overdraft plan that's right for you:
Help prevent your account from the inconvenience of declined transactions by choosing Debit Card Overdraft Service**, Overdraft Protection, or both! There's no enrollment fee*, and all it takes is a visit to the branch, a phone call, or a log-in to your online banking accounts. We look forward to providing you the peace of mind and savings available through overdraft protection.

Debit Card Overdraft Service**

Opting-in to Debit Card Overdraft Service allows us to apply our standard overdraft practices to your ATM and debit card transactions.

Overdraft Protection

You can link your checking account to a savings, money market, secondary checking, or overdraft line of credit*. Funds are transferred as needed in $25.00 increments, but if there are not enough funds in the account to cover the overdraft, the transfer will not take place. A fee is charged each time a transfer is made.

Double Protection

You can also choose both Debit Card Overdraft Service** and Overdraft Protection* for a double layer of overdraft protection.

Click here for additional information on preventing overdrafts.


What are the benefits of having Debit Card Overdraft Service?
It may allow you to make a debit card purchase even when there is not enough money in your account to cover the transaction. This feature will be especially useful if you are faced with an unexpected, immediate expense an emergency car repair, for example. It may also save you embarrassment at the check-out line.
What happens if I don't opt in to Debit Card Overdraft Service?

Our standard overdraft practices will apply to checks and automatic payments from your checking account, but ATM and one-time debit card transactions will be declined if you do not have enough money in your account to pay them.

What are your standard overdraft practices?

As a courtesy, from time to time, we may authorize transactions that will cause an overdraft on your account.* These transactions may be paid at our discretion, which means that we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

Will opting-in to Debit Card Overdraft Service cover me if I bounce a check? How can I make sure checks are covered?

Debit Card Overdraft Service is not overdraft protection, and only applies to ATM and one-time debit card transactions. If you are concerned about overdrafts, or covering other types of transactions such as checks or ACH withdrawals, you should also consider one of our overdraft protection products.

What overdraft protection products do you offer?

• Reddi-Reserve is a revolving line of credit that links to your account (subject to credit approval).
• Overdraft Protection allows you to link another checking or savings account to automatically transfer funds in the event of an overdraft.

How much does it cost to enroll in an overdraft protection plan?
It costs nothing to enroll. In fact, there are no costs at all if you never use your overdraft protection plan. If you do, the cost may be less than that of insufficient funds charges. Plus, you avoid any merchant costs you might incur–for example, returned check fees. To cover your account or find out more about overdraft protection:
• Call 800-727-4743 or • Stop by any Nevada State Bank branch

To cover your account or find out more about overdraft protection:

  • Call 800-727-4743
  • Stop by any Nevada State Bank branch

*For information about overdraft fees, ask your banker or click here to read the Consumer Accounts Disclosure and Fee Schedule.
**Fees and interest may apply when overdraft security options are used.
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