Buying A Home

Do you dream of owning your own home? There are many advantages to ownership, including possible tax benefits*, and the chance to make a profit, should you sell in the right market conditions. Best of all, if you've lived in the house two or more out of the final five years before the sale, you may be able to avoid capital gains tax on up to $250,000. If you're married and both of you have been living there for two years, that figure doubles.

One of the greatest pleasures is the right to decorate as you choose. Many clever homeowners improve their homes - making their lives better, but also increasing the value of the property. We encourage you to view your house as more than a home. It is a core asset with value that you can enhance and protect just by the way you manage it.

It's a big step with huge implications. Use our handy calculators to help you decide:

Questions? Call us today at 800-727-4743 or contact your local Nevada State Bank branch Relationship Manager to find out how our Banking Services can benefit you.

*Consult a tax advisor to determine what, if any, tax benefits you may be eligible for.

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