Getting Married

Financial issues can make or break a marriage, so give yours the best odds for success by dealing with them head on. Discussing your joint finances helps to avoid surprises as well as marital conflict. Open talk, right from the start, about those thorny financial issues makes married life so much simpler.

Talk About Money and Set Goals Together

Be sure to talk about your finances early on, just to be sure you see eye to eye. Like everything else in a marriage, communication is the key. Know each other's financial goals and make sure you both agree on how to get there.

Get Expert Help

The last topic most couples want to discuss in the honeymoon phase is finance, but enlisting the help of an expert financial planner could help to break the ice. Nevada State Bank's experienced and friendly financial planners are known for their unbiased advice and candid opinions. A financial planner makes discussing sensitive issues much easier and they can help a couple with goal-setting, budgeting and long-term financial planning. They will answer any questions and give valuable advice on how to maximize the potential of your joint finances. If you prefer to get advice from an independent source, use the Financial Planning Association's® Checklist for Interviewing a Financial Planner to help you find the best, most qualified professional for your needs.

Start Calculating

Get the bigger picture and discover the benefits of calculating together as a couple. Nevada State Bank offers a series of calculators you can use to help you to manage your long term commitments together. Use our calculators to help you consolidate your debts, decide if your spouse should work, plan your household budget, decide on major purchases like a house or car, save for a dream vacation, and every other step of your married life.

Questions? Call us today at 800-727-4743 or contact your local Nevada State Bank branch Relationship Manager to find out how our Banking Services can benefit you.

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