Take advantage of Nevada State Bank's foreign currency service. An on-the-spot exchange for popular foreign currency bank notes can be done at select Nevada State Bank branches. 


Foreign currency can also be ordered in advance at any location for more than 80 currencies and will be available in one to three business days. Some currencies may take longer. Shipping and handling costs may apply. Overnight shipping may be available. 


Customers have an exchange limit of $15,000 USD equivalent, at any branch location.



You will receive competitive exchange rates, which are updated daily, for both buying and selling foreign currency. 


Know your exchange rate/conversion before leaving for more accurate expense accounting.


Don't get caught at the mercy of local merchants or street vendors or get stuck upon arrival needing local currency and having to use whatever is available. And when you return, any unused foreign currency notes (no coins) can be brought back to Nevada State Bank and we'll buy them back at prevailing exchange rates.


Call or visit a branch for more information, or contact our Foreign Currency Service team.