To sign up for electronic Bill Payment, you must also be enrolled in Nevada State Bank's Online Banking.


If you are already a Nevada State Bank Online Banking customer, simply login to Online Banking and select “Bill Pay” from the Quick Links at the top of the page. Once you have enrolled online, your Online Bill Pay service will be activated immediately. When the service is activated, select the same "Bill Pay" link to set up your Billers and begin enjoying the service. Please note, it may take up to one business day to authorize your account for scheduling bill payments.



Schedule Your Bill Pay

With Online Bill Pay, you control who you pay, how much, and when. Just enter your Biller, amount, and schedule information once, and Online Bill Pay keeps track from there. All you have to do is click, and the payment is sent! Bill payments are made from the account you choose, according to the schedule you set. If you want to change the amount of a payment or when it will be paid, you can do that, too.


Who can you pay with Online Bill Pay?

You can pay anyone in the U.S., including your friend across the country, the phone company, or the babysitter down the street. Please note, this service is not recommended for tax or court-ordered payments.

Just schedule your payments, telling us the amount and the date it should be paid. Payments must be scheduled 2 to 5 days before they are due, depending on the method Bill Pay can use to send them. Select the payment calendar icon when scheduling your bill payments to see the earliest date they can be paid. We'll deduct the payments from your Nevada State Bank account and send them to your Billers electronically, or by check if the Biller does not accept electronic payments. Only one payment per day may be sent to each Biller.


Types of Online Bill Payments

With Online Bill Pay, you can set up one-time payments, like a bill that varies each month, or recurring payments that stay the same, like your monthly mortgage or car payment.


Security Features

Online Bill Pay uses 128-bit (US-grade) encryption. To use Online Bill Pay, you will need an Internet browser that incorporates 128-bit encryption.




Need more information? Click here to access our FAQs page or call 1-888-835-0551 to contact our Online Banking Customer Service Center.