Ready to enable your Nevada State Bank Visa® debit and credit cards[cite::84::cite] for digital payments? Get started by using the links below. 

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As a Nevada State Bank cardholder, you receive the same great services even when making digital payments.


24/7 Fraud Monitoring
We’re always monitoring your account for suspicious activity and will attempt to contact you if we see something unusual. To ensure the best possible service, please maintain accurate contact information with the bank. To check to see if your information is up-to-date, log in to Online Banking or call 888-758-5349.


Zero Liability[cite::118::cite]    
With Zero Liability you can shop with confidence, knowing you will not be held liable for any unauthorized purchases made with your card or account information.


Card Alerts[cite::92::cite]
Keep close track of purchases made with your card. Card Alerts is a one-way text communication that sends you notifications based on criteria you select. With Card Alerts, you have near real-time visibility of signature-based purchases via notifications sent to your mobile device or by email. 


Mobile Card Fraud Alerts[cite::66::cite]
Register for our Mobile Card Fraud Alert service to receive a text message any time we see a potentially fraudulent transaction on your account. 



Click here to access our FAQs page or call 1-888-835-0551 to contact our Online Banking Customer Service Center.