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No matter what your residential mortgage needs are, our team is ready to help.

Nevada State Bank has a proud history of investing in local communities and building real client relationships. Our Residential Mortgage team will work closely with you. We'll assess your needs and offer you the loan* that will work for you.

Buying or Refinancing a Home?

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For immediate assistance, please contact a mortgage relationship manager:
Southern Nevada
damien bauman Damien Bauman
Area Residential Mtg Production Mgr
Office: 702-855-4632
Cell: 702-283-4441
750 E. Warm Springs
NMLS# 1006897

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Shauna O'Mahoney
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-706-9146
Cell: 702-370-4746
Warm Springs/Stephanie
NMLS# 603637

Email Me
lee renner Lee Renner
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-855-4885
Cell: 702-378-6648
4001 E. Sunset Road
NMLS# 603504

Email Me
Nicole Jennetto
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-706-9526
Cell: 702-467-6271
7030 S Durango Dr.
NMLS# 1108158

Email Me
lee renner Gary Sherman
Mortgage Loan Officer
1301 S. Highway 160
Office: 702-706-9671
Cell: 775-253-4332
NMLS# 1176199

Email Me
alex milius Alex Milius
Area Residential Mtg Production Mgr
Office: 702-706-9027
Cell: 702-370-0498
750 E. Warm Springs Road
NMLS# 404072

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Angela Nelson Angela Nelson
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-897-6726
Cell: 702-556-0426
11590 S. Eastern Ave
NMLS# 502296

Email Me
Jack Fithian Jack Fithian
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-589-2566
Cell: 702-830-0712
400 N. Green Valley Pkwy
NMLS# 805104

Email Me
Troy Hadley Troy Hadley
Private Mortgage Lender
Office: 702-706-9533
Cell: 702-335-6500
750 E Warm Springs Rd
NMLS# 501265

Email Me
jodi addesso Jodi Addesso
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-706-9076
Cell: 702-830-1752
3345 S. Maryland Pkwy
NMLS# 835510

Email Me
Roberts Kristopher Kristopher Roberts
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-706-9117
Cell: 702-576-6692
6505 N Buffalo Dr
NMLS# 1436416

Email Me
Jacqueline Pindel Jacqueline Pindel
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-706-9198
Cell: 702-370-1545
10610 Southern Highland
NMLS# 603529

Email Me
Abbey Sellers Abbey Sellers
Private Mortgage Lender
Office: 702-706-9529
Cell: 702-882-4089
750 E Warm Springs Rd
NMLS# 692441

Email Abbey Sellers Email Me
Michelle Massa Michelle Massa
Private Mortgage Lender
Office: 702.855.4630
Cell: 702-271-8447
750 E Warm Springs Rd
NMLS# 409911

Email Me
April Herrera April Herrera
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-706-9655
Cell: 505-415-5110
5720 S. Fort Apache Road
NMLS# 1188015

Email Me
Rebecca Liston Becky Liston
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 702-706-9599
Cell: 702-303-0253
1921 N. Rainbow
NMLS# 603527

Email Me
Northern Nevada
tracy hattery Tracy Hattery
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 775-686-7218
Cell: 775-722-7732
1 West Liberty
NMLS# 440273

Email Me
Michelle Molyneux Michelle Molyneux
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 775-783-6341
Cell: 775-291-0100
1656 Highway 395
NMLS# 419038

Email Me
Leeann Stottle Leeann Stottle
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 775-851-5747
Cell: 479-531-0631
1001 W. Moana Lane
NMLS# 825002

Email Me
Tami Isom Tami Isom
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 775-393-3869
Cell: 775-233-1531
2483 Wingfield Hills Rd
NMLS# 502172

Email Me
Amanda Bean Amanda Bean
Mortgage Loan Officer
Office: 775-686-7218
Cell: 775-530-8147
190 Damonte Ranch Pkwy
NMLS# 747755

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Which home loan is right for you?

We have all the financial tools and services for your residential mortgage needs, including:

  • Home Loans
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
  • Conventional Mortgages
  • FHA-Insured Mortgages
  • VA Mortgages
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Refinancing (Cash Out or No Cash Out)

*Credit approval required, restrictions apply.
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