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1. How does the eStatements system work?

We will notify you through your e-mail address when your eStatement is available for viewing; this will be at the same time you would normally receive your paper statement. When the notification arrives in your e-mail box, just:

  • Log into Online Banking through
  • Enter your login and password information to Online Banking
  • Your eStatement will be available through the eStatement link

You can save a pdf version of your eStatement on your hard drive if you wish, or print it out. Copies of the eStatement will be kept online by NSB’s Online Banking service for a rolling 18 months.

2. Do I have to sign up for Online Banking in order to use the eStatement service?

Yes. This feature is only available through NSB’s Online Banking service for both personal and business customers.

3. What is the difference between an eStatement and the "Account Activity" information available in Online Banking?

The Account Activity screen shows all the completed and pending transactions for the last 30 days (you can also choose to have it show transactions for some other specified period). eStatements are electronic versions of the monthly paper statements you currently receive. They include transactions from a set period of time (a statement cycle) and do not include any pending transactions.

4. Will my eStatement look the same as my printed statement?

Yes. For legal purposes, a printed version of an online statement is the same as a paper statement.

5. Will I still get images of my canceled checks?

If you receive your images of your canceled checks today, you’ll also receive them in your online statement. In addition, you can also access images of your checks through Online Banking.

6. If I choose to receive an eStatement, will I still receive paper statements?

We discontinue your paper statements when you opt out of paper statements through our eStatement service. You can change your mind at any time and resume receiving paper statements by calling our Customer Service Center at 888-835-0551 or by e-mail at

7. What if I can't open the eStatement?

In order to view pdf documents, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is distributed free from the Adobe site. Click here to visit For technical issues, please call our Customer Service Center at 1-888-835-0551 or by e-mail at

8. Can I switch back to paper statements if I don't like the eStatement?

Yes, there is no obligation; you can switch back to paper statements at any time. However, depending on the type of account you have, switching back to paper statements may generate a $2.50 Paper Statement Fee. See the Account Disclosure for your account, or call us at 800-727-4743 to determine if the Paper Statement Fee applies to your account.

Need more information? Call 1-888-835-0551 to contact our Online Banking Customer Service Center.

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