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1. What is an expedited payment?

Expedited payments are delivered faster than standard payments. These payments are subject to a convenience fee that is automatically debited from your funding account.

2. When would I ever need to make an expedited payment?

Expedited payments are ideal any time you have either forgotten to pay a bill or you are surprised by a payment that you need to make fast. Expedited payments provide an avenue to make that happen without incurring a sizeable late fee or damaging your credit rating.

3. When will my payee receive my expedited payment?

Expedited payments are sent immediately. In some cases, the payee will receive your payment the same business day, but typically receipt occurs within one business day.

4. Is there a cost associated with an expedited payment?

There may be a convenience fee associated with an expedited payment.

5. I have made an expedited payment to this payee before, why can't I do that now?

The ability to make an expedited payment depends on the payee and time of day.

6. What account is my convenience fee deducted from?

Your convenience fee will be debited from the funding account the payment was made from as a separate transaction.

7. Where can I find an historical record of my expedited payment?

Each payment and convenience fee is listed on the payee's payment history. For more information on a payment or convenience, you can click the "Payment Detail" link.

8. Can I edit or cancel an expedited payment after it has been submitted?

No, processing of your payment begins immediately after you click the button to submit your payment on the preview page.

9. Are there any payments I can't issue?

Yes, expedited payments cannot be sent to an address in Hawaii or Alaska or a P.O. Box

10. Can I track the delivery status of my overnight check payment?

Yes, click the tracking number on the Payment Detail page to access the delivery vendor's website. The vendor determines the length of time the tracking information appears online.

11. When do I have to submit my overnight check payment to ensure it will arrive the next business day?

All payments must be submitted before 4:45 PM PT to be delivered by the next business day.

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