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1. What credit cards are eligible for the AmaZing Cash Back program?

The AmaZing Cash Back program comes automatically with the AmaZing Cash® Credit Card and the AmaZing Cash® Visa Signature® Credit Card

2. How does the AmaZing Cash Back program work?

Cardholders earn 1% cash back on all purchases made with their card. In addition, cardholders can earn an annual bonus if certain annual spending thresholds are met.

3. Is there any earnings cap with AmaZing Cash?

No, there is no earnings cap with the AmaZing Cash Back Program

4. Does cash back ever expire?

No. The cardholder is still responsible for making their monthly payment. The cash back will simply appear as a credit on their next statement.

5. What types of accounts can be used for cash back deposits?

Cash back deposits can be made into any deposit account with our bank as long as the deposit account is in the same name as the cardholder.

6. Can cardholders receive cash back in some other way than a deposit?

Yes. Cardholders can choose to receive their cash back as a statement credit to their credit card account. The minimum redemption amount is $25.

7. If the cardholder chooses to receive the cash back as a statement credit, will that be considered a payment?

No. The cardholder is still responsible for making their monthly payment. The cash back will simply appear as a credit on their next statement.

8. How do cardholders enroll in the AmaZing Cash Back program?

Cardholders with an AmaZing Cash Visa credit card or an AmaZing Cash Visa Signature credit card are automatically enrolled in the AmaZing Cash Back program.

9. How much cash back does a cardholder earn?

1% cash back applies to net purchases only. Customers do not earn cash back on cash advances, balance transfers, fees, quasi-cash such as traveler's checks and money orders, accumulated interest, returned merchandise, ATM transactions, unauthorized charges, fraud charges, foreign cash transactions, casino gaming, betting, and lottery tickets.

10. Will there be special cash back promotions available?

Promotions may occur periodically.

11. How will cardholder track cash back earned?

Cardholders may track the amount of cash back earned via their credit card statement. Their monthly credit card statement will show (1) the beginning balance of cash back earned, (2) the amount of cash back earned in the statement period, (3) the amount of any cash back redeemed for the statement period and (4) the balance remaining of cash back.

12. Is there an annual fee?

No. There is no annual fee for AmaZing Cash and AmaZing Cash Signature cardholders.

13. Can this program be combined with AmaZing Rewards® ?

No. The customer can only be enrolled in one program at a time.

14. Is there a need to provide reporting of cash back as income?

No. AmaZing Cash Back is considered a rebate and does not require a 1099 earnings statement.

15. Do I earn cash back if I go over my credit limit?

Yes. There is no over limit penalty for earned cash back. If your account goes over limit, you will still earn cash back on purchases.

16. Do I earn cash back if my account is past due?

Accrual will be suspended for any monthly period cardholder is past due 60+ days. However, if account becomes current, they will receive the accrued cash back prior to the suspension.

17. How do cardholders enrolled in AmaZing Cash receive their earned cash back?

Cardholders may request their cash back at any time by calling the number on the back of their card or by visiting their online banking site. Once logged in to online banking, they can select the "Services" tab and choose the option under "Card Services" called "Request Cash Back Reward". Once the request has been submitted, cardholders should see their cash back in their account (as a deposit or statement credit) within 3 business days.

18. Is there a minimum amount of cash back that can be requested by the cardholder?

Yes. Cardholders must accumulate at least $25 in earned cash back before a request to receive the cash back will be accepted.



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