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1. What is Enhanced Account Protection?

Enhanced Account Protection is an additional layer of security that helps safeguard specific types of online banking transactions, using your mobile phone for authentication. It's a free service that can help enhance your online banking security.

2. How do I enroll?

Simply contact Nevada State Bank Online Banking Support at 1-888-835-0551, and an Online Banking Support Representative will activate your account for Enhanced Account Protection. Or feel free to stop by your local branch and ask a member of our branch team to assist you.

Once your enrollment is processed at the bank (2-3 business days), the next time you log into Online Banking you will have a message on your "My Bank" page-Info Center, that will prompt you to complete the enrollment with your mobile phone. You will also be prompted to finish your enrollment if you try to execute a transfer that requires Enhanced Account Protection (EAP) verification.

3. How does Enhanced Account Protection protect me?

Enhanced Account Protection can help protect you from online fraud by requiring you to enter a security code before completing specific types of transactions. This code is sent to an enrolled mobile phone when executing Transfer to a Friend transfers greater than or equal to $500 and External Account Transfers greater than or equal to $1,000.

4. How does it work?

Step 1 – Request a code. We'll ask you to request a security code (SMS token) for specific transactions. This code will be delivered to your mobile phone.

Step 2 – Enter the code and your EAP PIN. Once you receive the security code on your mobile phone, just enter that code in your Online Banking session for verification, along with your EAP PIN.

Step 3 – Code approved. Once the code and PIN are validated in Online Banking, just proceed with your transaction.

5. What is the PIN for Enhanced Account Protection?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is separate from a security code (SMS token). The PIN provides additional security by authenticating that you know personalized credentials when verifying transactions. Unless we notified you of a temporary PIN, it is a 4 to 9 digit number that you selected during the setup process. The PIN for EAP is separate from the PIN for other products or services.

6. How many phones can I enroll in Enhanced Account Protection?

You can enroll one mobile phone per user for Enhanced Account Protection. You may change the phone number through Online Banking once enrolled: from the navigation menu, select Home, then Enhanced Account Protection, and Modify Phone.

7. What if I lose, or no longer have access to, my mobile phone that is enrolled in Enhanced Account Protection?

If you believe your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you should immediately change your Online Banking Login ID and Password, and contact Nevada State Bank Online Banking Support at 1-888-835-0551 for assistance in updating your Enhanced Account Protection enrollment.

8. What if I'm traveling outside the US?

If you are traveling outside of the US and are attempting to make a transaction that requires Enhanced Account Protection, please call Nevada State Bank Online Banking Support at 1-888-835-0551.


Need more information? Call 1-888-835-0551 to contact our Online Banking Customer Service Center.