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1. What is an e-bill?

An e-bill is an electronic version of your bill that you receive, directly within your bill pay product, that you can view and pay immediately.

2. Is an e-bill the same as an e-mail?

No, an e-bill is an electronic version of your bill that you receive, directly within your bill pay product, that you can view and pay immediately while an e-mail is delivered to your personal e-mail inbox.

3. Are e-bills free?

Yes, e-bills are free and they can accelerate and simplify the bill paying process. You simply click it, view it, and pay it.

4. Do e-bills contain the same information as paper bills?

Yes, and in fact e-bills also look exactly like your paper bills. The only difference is that they are conveniently delivered, to your PC’s bill payment website instead of to your home’s mailbox.

5. Will e-bills help me prevent missed payments?

Yes, you can set up an automatic payment and your e-bill will be paid when it arrives. We can also send you an e-mail when your e-bill arrives and when it is paid. 

6. Can you inform me when my e-bill arrives?

Yes, you can tell us to send you an e-mail when your e-bill arrives.

7. Is a paper bill less secure than an e-bill?

It can be. When you avoid receiving the mounds of paper associated with paper bills you also do away with the need to store and shred bills that contain confidential information.

8. Are e-bills good for the environment?

Yes, because for every e-bill you receive you eliminate unnecessary paper. When you go paperless, you go green.

9. What if I need a paper copy of my bill?

Since your e-bill is available online at anytime you can always print a copy if you need one.

10. How do I switch from a paper bill to an e-bill?

It’s easy to get going, just click the "Set up e-bill" link, below the company name, and follow the online instructions. You should begin receiving your bill online within 1-2 billing cycles.

11. Are e-bills reliable?

Yes, we log and track every bill that we receive to assure it is delivered to your account. We can also send you an e-mail if a recurring bill has not been delivered when it was expected.

12. Why do I need to give you my user IDs and passwords?

It enables us to retrieve electronic versions of your bills and present them to you in a single, more secure location. Don’t worry, your login information is kept confidential.

13. When I set up an e-bill for a payee, which user ID and password do I enter?

You should enter your login information for that biller’s website. If you haven’t registered for online account access with your biller, please take a moment to do so before continuing with the setup process.

14. Is the login information for my biller's websites kept confidential?

Yes, we are committed to  doing all we can to help safeguard your personal information. Your login information is kept confidential, and is used only to retrieve an electronic version of your bill from the biller's website so that we can present it to you online.

15. What does "Action needed" mean?

The “Action needed” link usually indicates that we need you to provide updated login information or account specific information to set up an e-bill.

16. What if my payee sends me information in addition to my bill?

Any electronic notices that a biller sends to you will be presented to you just like an e-bill. Once you sign up for e-bills, all paper correspondence from the biller will be sent to the address of record that biller has for you.


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