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1. Why should I use EZ Change?

This step-by-step free service makes it faster and easier to switch your account to Nevada State Bank. It also helps you remember all the necessary details so you can avoid delays caused by incomplete paperwork.

2. What information will I need in order to fill out the forms?

You will need the routing number and account number of your old account, as well as the routing number and account number for your new Nevada State Bank account. For each company that makes direct deposits to you, or to whom you make automatic payments, you will need the company's name and mailing address, and the reference number they have on file for you.

3. Are the EZ Change forms only for checking accounts?

No, they can also be used for savings accounts and money market accounts. Click here to find more information about opening a savings account or money market account at Nevada State Bank.

4. How do I find the bank routing number and the account number?

Both these numbers are located at the bottom of your checks. The first 9 numbers listed are the bank’s routing number (Nevada State Bank’s is 122400779) and the second set of numbers (usually 10 digits) is your account number. The check number is usually listed at the end of the line. For your savings account number, check your bank statement or the account documents you received at account opening. When filling out the forms, make sure to include all the zeroes.

5. Is there a separate routing number for ACH and wire transfers?

No. We make it easy for you by having just one routing number for all types of transactions.

6. Do I really need to attach a voided check to the EZ Change form?

Most merchants no longer require a voided check to switch direct deposits and/or automatic payments. However, it is advisable to include a voided check in case the company receiving the EZ Change form does require it. If you want to start using the EZ Change forms before you receive your first order of personalized checks, you can use the temporary checks provided when you open your account.

7. Will all companies accept the EZ Change forms?

Several major banks already use similar forms, so we are confident that the EZ Change forms will be accepted. However, if a company cannot complete your request for some reason, the form contains enough information so they can easily contact you about resolving the issue. Please note: Federal agencies require you to use special procedures. For further information, refer to the next question.

8. What if my direct deposit comes from a federal agency?

Do not use the standard Direct Deposit Form for payments you receive from federal agencies. Social Security recipients must call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or go to ssa.gov. For veterans benefit payments, call 877-838-2778 or visit va.gov. If you receive direct deposits from the military, visit mypay.gov.

9. What steps does Nevada State Bank take to help safeguard my information?

Nevada State Bank's website features 128-bit encryption. Click here for more information about online security. Once you fill out these forms, please keep in mind that they contain sensitive information. Shred any extra printed copies, and do not save any forms onto the hard drive of a computer that others can access (for example, at the public library.)

10. How do I get help filling out the forms?

Feel free to call one of our customer service representatives at 800-727-4743 and they will be happy to assist you.


Call us today at 800-727-4743, or contact your local Nevada State Bank branch Relationship Manager to find out how our Personal Banking Services can benefit you.