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1. What is Treasury Gateway?

Treasury Gateway incorporates the benefits of a single sign-on process, provides you the convenience of one website for all on-line services, and enhances security by helping you and your authorized staff access your business, bank accounts. The additional user validation at login gives you the confidence that only authorized individuals are accessing your accounts and moving your money.

2. Why do we need Treasury Gateway?

Across the country all financial institutions are required by the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) to implement layered security features for services where transactions can occur and/or sensitive customer data is visible.


Also, to combat the increase in on-line fraud, Treasury Gateway will provide enhanced security to help protect access to your on-line business accounts by requiring login information that only the user would know and/or possess. Moving forward, each user will only need to use their single user ID, credential, and password to access all of our on-line business services.

3. How does Treasury Gateway work?

When customers visit our branch offices, they know our faces and we know theirs. Treasury Gateway works in a similar manner but over the Internet. It is an enhanced security measure now offered to help identify us to our customers and help protect their funds from fraudsters. By enrolling in Treasury Gateway, each user will be able to access all of their on-line business services from one website using their single user ID, credential, and password. Enrolling takes less than five minutes to complete.


After enrollment, users logging in will enter their user ID, they will either be asked to enter their one-time-password (OTP) 6-digit passcode (depending on the services they access) or asked a challenge question, then they will be presented with their Treasury Gateway image, and then they will be asked for their password. A successful authentication remains in effect for the duration of that login session for any service to which the user has been granted access.

4. How does Treasury Gateway benefit me?

Treasury Gateway provides you with:


  • A single website and single login where you can access your on-line banking services.
  • An extra layer of security features by validating that you are logging on the Bank’s official website instead of a fraudulent look-alike website, and verifying your identity to help prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Access to bank communications and information in one place.
5. Can I opt out of enrolling into Treasury Gateway?

No – the Treasury Gateway implementation is our response to adhering to the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC) mandate, which applies to all financial institutions, to implement layered security features. It is also in the best interest of our customers to comply with the additional security feature.

6. Will my business need to purchase new hardware or install new software?

No hardware/software installation is required on the customer side. The authentication system and tokens are independent. Any tokens you may require will arrive pre-programmed, ready for user registration.

7. Can I access my business accounts from multiple computers?

Yes, you can still access your business bank accounts from any number of computers. There is no limit on how many different computers you can register and use to login to your business bank accounts. We do not recommend registering a computer that is used by the general public, such as those found at the library or Internet coffee shops. If you are accessing Treasury Gateway from an unregistered computer, you will be asked one of the challenge questions that you established during enrollment.

8. What if I forget my Treasury Gateway password?

Call your Treasury Management customer service representative, who will provide you with a temporary password that you will be prompted to change upon successful login.

9. What is a token?

The token you may receive is a security device provided by the Bank that displays a 6-digit passcode/tokencode. It can be either a physical token or an electronic token accessed through an app on your mobile phone. The token generates passcodes/tokencodes randomly every 60 seconds. The login screen will prompt you to enter your passcode/tokencode, and then you may proceed to complete the desired activity.

10. How do I access the electronic token?

You may download the electronic token through the app store on your phone by searching RSA Secureid.

10. What happens if someone steals my token or I lose my token?

Call your Treasury Management customer service representative, who will walk you through the steps necessary to complete your business transaction and order a replacement. Be assured that your accounts cannot be accessed with only the tokencode. Only the combination of user name, tokencode (if required), and password will allow user access.


Call us today at 800-693-7695, or contact your local Nevada State Bank relationship manager to find out how our Treasury Management Products and Services can help your business.