At Nevada State Bank, we understand that you want convenience when you bank and shop online. That’s why we’ve arranged with the financial security software experts at IBM Security to bring you Trusteer Rapport, free security software to help protect your online information. Trusteer Rapport is not designed to replace your anti-virus and firewall software, but instead works with them, picking up where conventional security software leaves off.


  • Helps protect against the theft of online banking login credentials and the theft of personal information
  • Can remove existing malware, as well as help prevent further malware infections
  • Works alongside your existing anti-virus software and firewall
  • Available at no charge to Nevada State Bank clients


We encourage you to download Trusteer Rapport to every computer you use to bank online because it can help prevent criminals from obtaining your Nevada State Bank user name, password, and other sensitive login information. You can also use Trusteer Rapport to help protect your browser sessions with any website that contains private or confidential information, like email, online merchants and financial accounts.


Trusteer Rapport is entirely transparent and does not require you to change the way you sign into online applications or affect the way they work. It does not require any configuration or maintenance; you simply install and continue browsing. 


Still have questions? Check out the IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport™ FAQs.



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