When planning for retirement, there is a lot to consider. The retirement planning equation is like an algebra problem; there are known variables and unknown variables. The known variables are the things we can control, and the unknown variables are the things we can’t control. Join advisor Stephen Magana as he navigates through these variables to explore what you could be doing to take control of your retirement.


Planning for retirement can seem overwhelming, but breaking it down into smaller components could help get you started in the right direction. Join advisor Bo Jenkins as he outlines steps you could be taking to help make planning for retirement more manageable.



Anchoring is psychological bias that marketers use to influence how consumers make financial decisions. In a nutshell, anchoring is the tendency to make a decision by placing an emphasis on the first bit of information you receive. Join Brian Cunning, CFP® as he dives into this concept to uncover ways anchoring may be impacting your financial life.